February 2023

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Conservation of Breeding Black-tailed Godwits – Rewilding and Forestry – Progress Towards 30×30 – Yardley Chase Training Area – The Range of Beech in Britain: Lessons from the Quaternary

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denisbin (CC BY-ND 2.0)

The range of Beech in Britain: lessons from the Quaternary

Barry Anderson

‘Many ecologists and conservationists, but interestingly not foresters, were blinded for many years by the concept of vegetation as a stable climax.’ (Peterken 1996) Unfortunately, more than 25 years after Peterken published those words, it seems that a level of myopia persists. Identifica­tion books and other texts often define ranges for plant species. These rangesSee more

Yardley Chase Training Area, Northamptonshire: a hidden gem

Jeff Blincow

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Progress towards 30×30

Richard Benwell

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Is rewilding relevant to contemporary forest policy?

Norman Dandy

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Ecology and conservation of breeding Black-tailed Godwits in the UK

Chris Batey, Malcolm Burgess, Lynda Donaldson, Rebecca Lee and Jennifer Smart

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