British Wildlife 15.2 December 2003

Twitcher in the Swamp

"I yield to no-one in my admiration for Liz Holden's proposed common names for toadstools (see 'Wildlife reports', pp137). Her succinct and often witty 'Lemon Discos','Burgandydrop Bonnets' and 'Stinking Dapperlings' will certainly help to keep the troops amused on those long, dripping walks in search of 'mushies'. But with the new name 'jelly ear', the long nose of political correctness seems to have been poking around again. The fungus called Auricularia auricular-judae has been known as 'Jew's Ear' for as long as fungi have had names – hence the scientific name, which, for those of you who bunked off Latin in school means 'Jew's ear'."

Conservation news Obituary - Franklyn Perring
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