British Wildlife 25.6 August 2014

Flying kites: a view from Wales

"I would like nothing more than to fill my first report from Wales with some of the wildlife stories which have been occupying the media here – the upland farm which is the spider capital of the world, for example, or the seventy sharks found dead on a Gower beach, thought to be victims of 'bottom trawling', or the spate of attacks by Bottle-nosed Dolphins on Harbour Porpoises in Cardigan Bay, perhaps the work of a single dolphin gang out of the 350-strong population. I shall start instead with a political story which will have a greater effect on the Welsh environment than, say, the replacement of Environment Minister Owen Paterson by Liz Truss."

The Glanville Fritillary: a disappearing gem? Derek Ratcliffe: Nature's conscience
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