Richard Symonds (CC BY 4.0)
British Wildlife 31.6 August 2020

Lockdown: the best of times or the worst of times?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a nationwide lockdown commenced in late March. In the June 2020 issue, many British Wildlife contributors came together to report on their wildlife highlights during lockdown. Mark Avery now discusses the other side of the story and addresses the impacts on wildlife and the nature conservation sector both during lockdown and as lockdown measures begin to relax.

Lockdown in spring 2020 was certainly the strangest of times and we all imagined, as we sat in our gardens in the sunshine, or perhaps simply wished that we had gardens or access to parks or nature reserves, that everything out there, in nature, where we could not get, was going swimmingly. But was that so? How will we look back on lockdown 2020 once we are in the new normal?

Wild story Letter from Caledonia
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