Russel Hobson

Scarce moths of the Borders

The southern England-Wales border is home to a unique moth fauna, including a number of particularly scarce and enigmatic species. George Tordoff and Russel Hobson describe how innovative survey methods have helped to increase our understanding of these rare moths. The southern part of the England–Wales border region is a landscape of contrasts, ranging from

Conserving Britain’s fastest-declining butterfly

The authors review the current status and conservation of the High Brown Fritillary in England and Wales. The High Brown Fritillary Argynnis adippe holds the unenviable status of Britain’s most threatened butterfly. This species has undergone a distribution decline from pre-1995 levels of 96%, to just 19 10km squares in 2010–14 (Fig. 1). This decline

Conserving the Marsh Fritillary in Britain

The Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia is in trouble. Despite much conservation effort and research, this beautiful butterfly continues to decline seriously, both in overall numbers and in the number of sites it occupies. 

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