Trevor Dines

Keeping the wild in wildflower

Last May, Plantlife published some thoughts on the role of seeding in conservation. The aim was to encourage a more balanced appraoch to seeding, arguing that we consider the full gamut of habitat management, creation and restoration techniques, rather than automatically reaching for a packet of seed. With national press ccoverage, including a supportive leader

Non-native invasive plants in Britain – a real, not imagined, problem

Of the 1,892 non-native plants listed in the 2005 audit of non-native species in England, only 66 were described as having a negative environmental impact (Hill et al. 2005). A similarly small proportion was identified in the 2001 Scottish audit (Welch et al. 2001). Hence, it would be hard to disagree with Pearman & Walker's conclusion that 'the

The New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora

Until the invention and adoption of National Grid systems immediately after the Second World War, it was very difficult for anybody to have a detailed overview of the distribution of most of the plants growing in Britain and Ireland. 

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