Ancient woodland

What next for HS2?

The devlopment of high-speed railway HS2 has caused major controversy, with spiralling costs and fears for what this means for the habitats and wildlife that lie in its path. Four years ago, Patrick Barkham walked the proposed HS2 line from London to Birmingham, and now he discusses the impacts of HS2 and the project’s ability to stay true

A scent of musk – the ‘life and times’ of Moschatel, the Good Friday flower

Moschatel is a small, musk-scented wild flower that is often associated with ancient woodland. Richard Jefferson and Keith Kirby provide a detailed account of the habitats and distribution of Moschatel, and discuss what is known of the status of this little studied plant. Moschatel Adoxa moschatellina is a diminutive and often overlooked flowering plant of

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