Estuary Birds – Before the Counting Began

The estuaries and shallow embayments of Britain and Continental western Europe lie in the migration path of about 25 million waterfowl which breed in northern Europe, western Siberia, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland and parts of the Canadian Arctic. Most depend in varying degrees on the rich food resources of the intertidal and shallow sublittoral zones. In mid-winter

Sea Level Change and Estuaries

The possibility of an enhanced rise in mean sea level is an important component of the current debate on the potential impact of global climatic change arising from green-house-gas emissions. The most recent estimates suggest that by the year 2030 global sea level will be enhanced by about 20cm and by 2050 by about 30cm

British Estuaries

Outside the seawall, the tide has reached nearly to the top of the saltings and water stretches away almost to the horizon, where the distant trees and buildings on the far bank of the estuary form a low, ragged silhouette against the sky. Nearby, a few gulls drift, scavenging along the shoreline. Further out, you

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