Is rewilding relevant to contemporary forest policy?

In the twelfth article in the Wilding for Conservation series, Norman Dandy discusses the opportunity for rewilding and forestry to coexist, all the while recognising the importance of both a wilder Britain and the need to increase productive forestry. The deep roots of production forestry – its founding principles and objectives – are eloquently laid

Classic Wildlife Sites: Abernethy Forest

Ron Summers explores the natural history, ecology and management of the precious Abernethy Forest, home to ancient Scots Pines Pinus sylvestris and a wealth of associated flora and fauna. Abernethy Forest, in the Highlands, is one of our largest remnants of Caledonian pinewood. The forest is home to some of Scotland’s most iconic animals, such

Natural woodland generation as an alternative to tree-planting

Several large-scale tree-planting projects are now being implemented, but these usually overlook an alternative means of expanding forest cover: natural regeneration. Aljos Farjon and Louise Hill discuss the problems with tree-planting, and explore the factors that influence the natural regeneration of oaks and other trees. The UK, with tree cover of 13%, remains one of

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